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There are many educational websites and they all look pretty. Some of them help you find the information for your projects, others offer you the assistance of professional writers to cope with homework assignments. But are all of them as good and helpful as they seem at the first sight? Our site analyzes all the data internet has about every educational website. You will always make the right decisions with our help!

So what kind of information will you get? You will find out a server IP address to know what is the physical location of a particular service. You might know that some services pretend to be located in the U.S. while they really are elsewhere. In the "WhoIs" section you will find the information about the owner of the website (the person it is registered on). You will also come to know the search engine ratings and site's social activity - is it popular on Facebook or Twitter, how many likes its page has, etc. There is also a section about the quality of the site, that includes pricing, support, delivery, and other categories.

In a word, you will get the vital information to decide whether using this particular site is a good idea. No one wants to get burnt and pay money to a fraud. There are numerous websites that look alike but have different approaches to managing their services. Some of them value their clients, and the others simply want to get money from them. In our world full of informational noise it is nice to see a piece of objectivity. This is what this site provides. We do not make subjective conclusions and have no interest in making you choose one site over the other. We just want to make the experience of using educational resources more effective.

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